GOLD: When It Has To Be Performance Gold

Are you ready for PERFORMANCE GOLD?

This book is a fundraiser with contributions from the mentalism community in aid of one of our own.
It is also LOADED with some of the best routines from the sharpest minds on the planet:

  • What do you suppose Colin McLeod does to make the Invisible Deck into a jaw dropping series of predictions? This video, which he wasn’t planning on releasing just yet, is what they call JPG. (“Just Plain Genius”)
  • What single effect does Richard Osterlind do when they ask for an impromptu performance and it HAS to be perfect? Here’s a hint: a series of IMPOSSIBLE revelations involving an every day item.
  • What previously unreleased new effect would Neal Scryer do to blow audiences away with an oh-so-simple routine about birthdays and impossible predictions? This effect offers two outs: you are going to HEAR the jaws dropping all over the audience.
  • You’ll never guess what effect Ted Karmilovich has used used to lead into his own Mother of All Book Tests routine for a decade. So strong!

Bruce Bernstein…an impossible prediction…and a diabolically simple idea that delivers a powerful punch. Richard WebsterChristopher TaylorMillard LongmanNeil Tobin, Robert Siepeilski (who delivers a devastating and (I DO mean DEVASTATING) 3 envelope routine), Jheff with a commercial celebrity prediction, Lary Kuehn with a routine soooo adaptable…David Thiel with a powerful effect he’s performed for a decade and never released.

This book is a monster — loaded with great effects from people you KNOW, sharing powerful routines. This is stuff you’ll USE.

And every single penny raised from every single sale goes directly to Chandler and Bean.

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