Reviews for Diamonds: Thrilling Mentalism Routines to ROCK Your Audience

Diamonds is an appropriately named e-book. The list of contributors is a list of all-star mentalists and the material they provided is workable and above all entertaining. I believe any thinking mentalist will find material they will use in this collection. I know I have so don’t hesitate. Highly recommended.

Richard Mark

Diamonds contains polished and brilliant routines by polished and brilliant performers. You will discover that “Diamonds are a Mentalist’s Best Friend!” Highly recommended!

Alan Arita

Reviews for GOLD: When it has to be Performance Gold

The first thing I read was the offering from Richard Osterlind and that alone was worth more than the price of Gold. 

If anyone was on the fence about buying, I’d say:

Buy Gold. 

Get Gold.

Give more if you can.

Help out a fellow performer.

That’s where the true value is.


The book is a powerful collection by some of the best minds in mentalism. It is not only the fact that you could not fail to find usable entertaining material within, but it reflects the generosity of spirit found in the  brotherhood of Mentalism. You will benefit at many levels by purchasing this exciting work.

Richard Mark

I finally finished the book GOLD…, I honestly have never purchased a book that had so many great show ready pieces of mentalism. I have been in this business for over 40 years, yikes… and it’s hard to show me something new and even harder to impress me. I found so much in this book that will go right into my current show or impromptu close up. I know that after I have a great show down pat I love to perform it but after a while I feel it can use something fresh, mostly for myself.

A few of the comments I had:

Jheff’s the work with the SUC wallet. I am never without this and his effect using this wallet is fresh and great for work when I have a small group that needs to be impressed with my gift.

Chris Taylor’s contribution is so very clever and very visual and can be used in close up or stage work. I actually prefer to work with the blue Bicycle decks as I feel his smart deck marking is very visible to the performer. I actually had to stop reading and prepare a deck so I could play with it.

David Thiel’s piece fits my style of performing. Very smart and now that I am working with a band writer I am much more comfortable performing this type of affect.

Ted Karmilovich never disappoints me. His Disposable Color piece is a great lead in for my couple in the audience piece and will go right into my current show, that is when I can be in front of an audience again.

Robert Siepieslski’s Now You See It Now You Don’t is going right into my show. There are traces of Bob Cassidy’s Three Part Telepathy which I have done for years and absolutely love. Mr. Cassidy would be proud of the new direction that his affect has taken it. I always feel any effect is like a cooking recipe, just a guide to take as is or to improve upon and this just takes Three Part Telepathy to a new level.

Neil Tobin’s Leipzig Knockout is a special piece for me as it is perfect when I work gated communities and everyone knows the activities Director. Can’t wait to get back to work to perform this.

There is much more that was great reading and some of the effects are really good but not my style. This is by far the best investment in a mentalism book I have purchased in years and I am not just saying that because it will help you and Beaner. Please give her our love and know you are both in our thoughts and prayers.

William Napoli

Gold medal material by gold medal contributors in support of a gold medal cause.

Craig Karges

This is all solid Gold material from some of the world’s top Mentalist’s. No filler, no ‘fuzzy’ Mentalism with hit or miss methods, in these pages you’ll find a plethora of brilliant routines, wisdom and valuable insights. I defy you to NOT find something in Gold that you’ll add to your repertoire.

Lar Hookway

Sometimes gold is just a word. Sometimes it is pure hyperbole. In this case it is the only word to factually describe the contents of a book. Many of the world’s leading mentalists from the world’s premier mentalism association have come together and shared their closest held secrets in support of one of their own and decided to share it with the world. By giving it away for only $50 they are providing a gift to both a suffering mentalist and the purchaser. Highest recommendation!

Fred Rosenbaum

GOLD – that’s it! It’s the title and it’s exactly what’s inside! A collection that deserves to be found dog-eared, folded, highlighted and with scribbled on margin notes on the desk of anyone serious about their craft!

Jason Rodgers

I found GOLD to be an outstanding resource, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others. It contains valuable presentation ideas and subtleties which I plan to put to use immediately. Thank you for putting this together.

Christopher Kessler

Usually when a fund raiser is being held, a band or comedian does a show to raise some cash. In a rare instance, a magician may appear. This is an unbelievable collection of routines from some of the top mentalists around. This is not throw away material. It seems to come from their A list. Apparently Chandler is well thought of in the industry.

I have been fortunate enough to see Chandler perform a couple of times. We even sessioned once (and I fooled him!). He is a former president of the Psychic Entertainers Association. His wife, Beaner Chandler, has been diagnosed with a terminal neurological disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (P.S.P.). Since she cannot work and he is limited to the amount of shows he can do (plus Covid cancellations), obviously the medical bills and Co-pays have eaten up their savings. There is also a link on the page for a Gofundme account.

That being said, this is a tremendous collection of Gold routines. There are too many to list them all but here are a few that caught my eye.

Richard Osterlind gives a nice routine featuring his Breakthrough Card System. (The system is not taught here but is widely available on the net.)

Luca Volpe offers a nice routine on the Which Hand? theme. The bonus here is that he uses gemstones and give you a meaning for each type of gem allowing you to do a reading with the routine.

I am a huge fan of Mother of All Book Test and Ted Karmilovich gives the routine he always opens with when he does his book test.

And the creator of everyone’s favorite billet peek, Acidus Novis, Millard Longman will show you how to do an impromptu reading using the sweeteners found on the table in any restaurant.

Of course, the other routines are outstanding, too, and I am sure you will find something you like. However, for my money, the gem of the collection is a link to a Vimeo video of Colin McLeod teaching his version of the invisible Deck. His routine will bring your performance to another level.

Conclusion: This is a great collection of mentalism routines and at $49.00, a bargain. I recently reviewed a mentalism pdf costing $50.00 that taught you only one trick. Granted, it was a really good trick but it is obvious what makes this such a good deal. Every mentalist should have this in this library. And even if you are not a mentalist, you will be helping out a brother magician in his time of need.

Jim Canaday, review from The Magic Portal

GOLD is a collection of effects from some of mentalism’s best thinkers. There are several strong, believable routines that I could see myself performing for my corporate audiences. And, the proceeds go to a wonderful cause.

Chuck Hickock

This book really is gold! A unique collection of superb routines.

Jay Collen